When you get a traffic ticket or even a DUI / DWI, Matthew J. Werblin, Esq., Attorney at Law will represent you in court in the Schenectady area. Tickets and DUI / DWI charges will build up if you don’t take care of them, whether through fines or negotiating a lower charge. In some cases, you may have been charged with a DUI / DWI, but were not under the influence. This might happen if you are taking certain medications or even if you ate certain foods that reacted with your body chemistry.


Many traffic tickets and DUI / DWI charges come with points against your license. When these points add up to a certain number, you could have your license revoked. Furthermore, depending on your circumstances, a DUI / DWI charge could result in a revoked or suspended license. When you face these charges as soon as possible, a traffic attorney can help you minimize charges and possibly points on your license.

False or Incorrect charges

In some cases, the breathalyzer test is incorrect due to reasons beyond your control. Matthew will request the evidence, including but not limited to breathalyzer results, video of field tests you may have taken, the police report and any other evidence against you that the state may have.

We will review the evidence and your side of the story to determine if any of the charges are incorrect or have been falsely filed because of a mistake. You may be asked for additional documentation that may prove your innocence, including copies of prescriptions or over the counter medications you may have been taking that could affect a breathalyzer test.

Suspended License

If your license has already been suspended because of a DUI / DWI or other traffic offenses, contact Matthew for help in getting your license reinstated. Depending on your circumstances, he may be able to get your license fully reinstated or may be able to get you a permit to drive to work or school.

Contact Matthew for a consultation

Contact our office for a consultation if you receive a traffic ticket or a DUI / DWI or other non-felony traffic charge, including a suspended license. You will find that Matthew will represent you in an ethical and professional manner while being friendly and approachable. Matthew strives to respond to all inquiries with promptness, respect, professionalism and courtesy. You can contact Matthew by calling (518) 369-7580 or by emailing him at [email protected].