New York State Traffic Ticket Attorney

If you have enough traffic tickets, you may end up with a suspended license. Instead of just paying the tickets and facing the fines, points and other potential consequences, contact Matthew J. Werblin, Esq., Attorney at Law for help in representing you in court to fight the tickets. Depending on your circumstances, Matthew may be able to get the charges reduced or even dismissed.


When you get a traffic ticket, you could be fined a significant amount depending on the circumstances. Fines for traffic ticket convictions, usually come with a mandatory New York State surcharge. The fine plus surcharge can total as much as $393 or more. Additionally, you may get points against your license and this may cause additional problems.

Depending on how many points are already on your license, the cost of additional points could cost more than the fee a traffic attorney will charge to defend you against the speeding ticket. Moreover, if you do have points assessed against you, your insurance premiums could rise significantly, depending on your driving record.

How a Traffic attorney helps

A traffic attorney cannot guarantee the results of fighting the traffic ticket, but common outcomes include reducing the charges, potentially resulting in lower fines and fewer points, or possibly even getting the charges dismissed.

Contact Matthew if you have a Traffic Ticket

If you just received a traffic ticket, contact Matthew to help you try to reduce the charges and and reduce the points associated with the ticket so that your license doesn’t acquire those points. This is especially helpful if the points for the current ticket bring you over the threshold for suspension of your license or if your insurance premiums are already high because of your age or other issues.

Matthew is available by calling (518) 369-7580 or by emailing him at [email protected]. If you do not reach him immediately, be sure to leave a message and he will return your call or email as soon as he is able to do so.