New York Traffic Ticket AttorneyMatthew J. Werblin

When you choose Matthew J. Werblin, Esq., Attorney at Law to be your voice against New York State traffic violations, you choose an attorney who responds to your inquiries in a prompt, courteous, professional and respectful manner. Whether your issue is a speeding ticket, a ticket for texting while driving, running a stop sign or light, a driver’s license revocation or suspension or any other traffic infraction, Matthew will attempt to negotiate to get the infraction reduced or removed.

Practice Locations

Matthew practices throughout most of New York State. He is in Schenectady County and very commonly practices throughout Schenectady County, Saratoga County, Albany County, Columbia County, Montgomery County and Rensselaer County, though he certainly practices in many other counties throughout the state as well.

Regardless of where you received a traffic ticket, Matthew will travel to court to argue the ticket on your behalf. Since Matthew operates a solo practice, you’ll deal with him, so when you ask questions about your ticket, he will not only answer your questions, but he will also be the traffic attorney representing you in traffic court. You’ll find that Matthew, while professional and ethical, is also friendly and approachable when he helps you with your traffic ticket issues.

Traffic Tickets

Depending on the traffic ticket and your driving record, you may have fines and accrue points on your license. Once the points add up on your license, your license can be revoked or suspended, insurance premiums can rise and you’ll have the cost of the fine to pay on top of it. While this doesn’t sound like a lot, it can cost you dearly in the form of lost work because you can’t drive, paying someone to take you to work and increased insurance premiums. It’s often less expensive – and much less hassle – to retain a traffic attorney to help you try to reduce or remove the charges from your driving record.

Contact Matthew for a Consultation

Contact Matthew for a consultation so that he may answer any questions you have about your traffic ticket, whether it’s a speeding ticket, or any other non-felony traffic ticket. Because Matthew is a solo practitioner, you may have to leave a message, but he will call you back promptly. Call (518) 369-7580 or email Matthew at [email protected] to set up a consultation to learn about your rights if you received a traffic ticket.